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Norman Limited Edition Prints For Sale

All Prints offered are, unless otherwise noted, in excellent condition and sold with a certificate of authenticity.

*** Please see Payment Notes at bottom of page ***

The Norman Lindsay Limited Edition Paintings are published in strict accordance with copyright conditions. Authenticity is guaranteed by an embossed seal in the lower right hand corner of the image and all works are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Each image is individually hand-numbered and once an edition has sold out, it is never re-released.

The Curtain is reproduced in full colour on 250gsm Parilux and Rita of the Eighties, City of Joy, Languor and Court to Peacocks are reproduced in full colour on 300gsm Parilux. The archival quality Parilux paper used for the Limited Edition Paintings is totally acid, dioxin and chlorine free. All original printing materials used for the Limited Edition Paintings have been destroyed and the metal plates used in the printing process have first been cancelled and then destroyed.

Each Norman Lindsay Limited Edition Painting is in an edition of 600 and size is image size only. Prices are for unframed works and are subject to change as editions sell out. $15.00 freight, handling, packaging and insurance is applicable for all orders within Australia. For overseas orders, please contact us.

Norman Limited Edition Prints of Oil Paintings

Title Languor
Size 59.4 x 49.7 cm 
Price $330
Date Published 1997 

Languor (alternatively titled The Pink Drape) was one of the first oils Norman painted at the Bridge Street studio in 1934 and is an outstanding example of the technical mastery Norman achieved in the medium during the 1930s. The languid pose of the model and the opulence of the couch covering combine to convey the tenderness of mood and feeling conveyed by the title Languor. It is one of the paintings Norman chose for reproduction (in black and white) in Paintings in Oil: Norman Lindsay (The Shepherd Press, Sydney, 1945, plate 21). The Limited Edition Languor is the exact size of the original painting, which has never been offered for sale.

Title Court To Peacocks
Size 39.0 x 58.3 cm 
Price $330
Date Published 1997
Reference Court to Peacocks, one of the few oil paintings of the 1920s, is a beautiful picture which was painted by Norman to hang in the living room at Springwood.
Rose posed for all four figures and the jardiniere is still in the garden at Springwood. This painting encompasses an amazing range of colour. The opalescence of the flesh tones contrasts with the rich peacock blue/green of the brocade gown adjacent to the peacock.
Court to Peacocks, painted in 1927, was exhibited in The Legendary Lindsays exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1995.

Norman Limited Edition Prints of Watercolour Paintings

Title City of Joy
Size 60.3 x 52.4 cm
Price $385
Date Published 1999 
Reference City of Joy is testament to Lindsay's mastery of the luminous wash technique which he had learnt from Blamire Young when working in his lithographic studio at the age of nineteen.
During the 1920s Norman Lindsay's watercolour technique and imaginary vision in the medium reached its zenith. This was his finest period for watercolour painting and City of Joy, painted in 1923, is a masterpiece of the era. The ethereal quality of the painting is enhanced by the subtle yet radiant flesh tones of the nudes contrasting with the rich brocades and delicate gowns of the costumed figures.
Title The Curtain
Size 52.2 x 41.0 cm
Price $440
Date Published 1992
Reference The Curtain, painted in 1921, is an excellent demonstration of Norman Lindsay's fascination with the intricacies of depicting skin textures against fabric. A simpler composition than Where War Ends, its rich colour conveys a feeling, as one writer put it, of 'sumptuous intimacy'.
Rose also modelled the central figure in this work which she refused to sell. During the many years she lived at Springwood it hung in the living room (always to the left of the French doors).
Title Rita of The Eighties
Size 53.7 x 35.7 cm 
Price $440
Date Published 2003 
Reference Rita Lee was Norman's favourite model after Rose and Rita of the Eighties is the only known watercolour portrait he painted of her. The amethyst purple and pink tones combine to convey the aura of serenity which Rita possessed and the touches of white on the feathered hat, lace trim and glove add to the delicacy of the picture. It is without doubt one of Norman's most beautiful watercolour portraits.
Title Where War Ends
Size 57.2 x 54.0 cm
Price Sold Out
Date Published 1992 
Reference Where War Ends, painted in 1924, is an outstanding example of the artist's control of the medium of watercolour. The central figures glow like porcelain in a composition of great warmth of colour and vivacity which is enhanced by clever use of his 'stippling' technique.
Rose modelled for both the central and kneeling figures.
The painting was purchased during the 1920s by the proprietors of the Bulletin and hung in their office for many years. At the first opportunity Rose, who had always regretted selling it, bought it back.

Sold Out

Payment Notes:
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