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Norman Lindsay completed most of his sculptures between 1920 and 1940, but even through until the year before his death in 1969 he completed sculptural works. His sculptures were his relaxation and his first was completed in the gardens of Springwood, it was quickly followed by a satyr pursuing a nymph at the front of his Springwood home. As with many of his works Rose was his model for the nymph.
In the 1920's the Greek Sphinx and The Sirens which lured sailors to their deaths began to appear in Lindsay's sculpture. The first Sphinx was made in 1927 was small enough to decorate the radiator cap of Rose's 1926 Vauxhall. Later, in 1943, he would create a large version on the pathway leading to the swimming pool. The Siren first appeared in 1926 and then again in 1928. All but the last of Lindsay's sculptures were made by applying wet cement onto a metal frame. His final sculpture was from a full size plasticine model. There are also number of pots and urns crafted by Lindsay which found a home in his gardens.