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Norman Alfred Williams Lindsay - A Chronology

1879 Born Creswick, Victoria on 22nd February, 1879
1895 Removed to Melbourne and employed through his brother Lionel as illustrator on the "Hawklet".
1897 Lived at Charterisville, near Heidelberg, Victoria, with brother Lionel.
Late 1890's. Attended life drawing classes in Melbourne organised by George Coates
1898 Read Nietzsche's "Anti-Christ and Zarathustra".
1899 Created pen-and-ink drawings for "The Decameron".
1899 Married Catherine (Kate) Parkinson.
1900 Son Jack born 28th December.
1901 Removed to Lavender Bay, Sydney and joined the staff of the "Bulletin".
1903 Met Rose Soady shortly before the birth of son Raymond in .
1903 Drew "The Scoffers", pen-and-ink. Purchased by Bernard Hall.
1904 Drew "Polllice Verso, pen-and-ink.
1906 Began 100 cone-and-wash illustrations to "Memoirs of Casanova" 1906. Son Philip born 1906.
1907 First exhibited with Society of Artists. "Pollice Verso" exhibited; purchased by Melbourne Art Gallery for 150 pounds.
1909 First wife, Catherine (Kate) leaves Norman
1909 To Europe. Rose followed later. In Naples began 100 pen-and-ink illustrations for Petronius" Satyricon" Visits to South Kensington Museum stimulated interest in ship models; made sketches of models in the Museum's collection.
1910 Published Petronius "Satyricon".
1911 Returned to Australia.
1912 Published "Norman Lindsay Book 1".
1912 Drew "Crucified Venus", pen-and-ink
1912 Settled with Rose in Artarmon for six months. Stricken with pleurisy he completed a ship model of Cook's "Endeavour" which was later purchased by the National Gallery of Victoria. Worked on models during convalescence. Moved to Leura for six months and then to a house near Faulconbridge, "Everton". Painted about 8 oil paintings 'in the glaze method' at Harley Griffith's suggestion.
1912 Rose purchased house at Springwood from Francis Foy in late. Built lower studio at the Springwood house. "Three Women" oil, first painting to be done in the
1913 Published "A curate in Bohemia".
1914-16 Constructed model of a section of Medieval Paris as a background for illustrations to "Villon".
1914-16 Built "the dam" at Springwood c. .
1915 Published "Norman Lindsay Book 1" .
1918 Divorced by Kate.
1918 "Published The Magic Pudding". "Art in Australia".
1918 Published "The Pen Drawings of Norman
1919 Leon Gellert published "The Isle of San: A Phantasy". Contains the first five of Lindsay's etchings to be used as book illustrations.
1919 Held first one-man show of etchings in Sydney and Melbourne.
1918-20 Built second studio at Springwood. Old studio thenceforth used for etchings.
1920 Created first outdoor sculpture before 1920: Satyr pursuing nymph. Naiad on edge of pool. Girl with hands behind head.
1920 Married Rose.
1920 Daughter Jane born.
1920 Created "Idyllia", series of 12 etchings.
1920-23 Drew "The Garden of Happiness", 20 pen-and-ink drawings.
1921 Became member of the Australian Painter-Etchers Society.
1922 Daughter Helen born.
1923 Represented in Society of Artists exhibition Australian art in London. Work attacked by Sir William Orpen.
1924 Published "Creative Effort". Published "Pen Drawings" 1924.
1926 Published editions of Aristophanes "Lysistrata", illustrated with pen drawings, Fanfrolico Press.
1928 Published "A Homage to Sappho" illustrated with etchings, Fanfrolico Press.
1929 Published "Madam Life's Lovers", Fanfrolico Press, London.
1930 Published "Redheap" London, Banned by Australian Customs.
1930 Illustrations in special Norman Lindsay issue of "Art in Australia" created furore December.
1931 To New York with Rose. "Art in Australia" published "Norman Lindsay's Pen Drawings".
1932 To London January,; returned to Australia March, 1932. Published "Saturdee". Published "Miracles by Arrangement".
1933 Published "Pan in the Parlour".
1934 Published "the Cautious Amorist". Banned by Australian Customs.
1934 Began to paint in oils at studio at 12 Bridge St., Sydney. Lived mostly in Sydney until Rose's trip to America in 1939.
1935 Published "Age of Consent". Story relates to his discovery of oil as a medium Banned by Australian Customs.
1936 Published "Flyaway Highway".
1937 Kenneth MacKenzie published "Our Earth". Lindsay etching is frontispiece; his last etching used as a book illustration. Held probably last one-man show of etchings 1937.
1939 Rose went to the United States. Many works destroyed in train fire.
1945 Published "Paintings in Oil" 1945. Created seahorse fountain c.1945. Published "The Cousin from Fiji".
1947 Published "Half Way to Anywhere".
1949 Daughter Jane acquired etching studio and built house around it.
1950 Published "Dust and Polish".
1956 Gave up the lease on Bridge Street studio.
1958 Son Philip died.
1960 Son Raymond died Sydney.
1966 Published "Norman Lindsay's Ship Models". "The Greek Galley", his last model, created especially for this book.
1968 Built reclining woman fountain at Springwood, his last sculpture and his only work in cast cement.
1969 Donated collection of work to the University of Melbourne School of Architecture January.
1969 Published "Norman Lindsay Watercolours".
1969 Norman Lindsay died Springwood 21st November, 1969.
1970 "My Mask" published.