Norman Lindsay Pencil DrawingOver the years we have seen some absolutely magnificent original Norman Lindsay pencil drawings, many of which have been studies for larger works, some of which have been impressive works in their own right and all of which have that un-missable and uniquely passionate style that has made Norman Lindsay such a collectable artist.

In 1969 a book was published containing a limited number of Norman Lindsay drawings

As it was Lindsay's practice to first make a preliminary pencil drawing for his planned etchings, watercolours and oil paintings there are a number that can be directly linked to larger finished works. He was also prolific in making pencil studies of his models to later be used as reference material.

The subject matter of Lindsay’s pencil drawings was varied with everything from nudes to animals and pirates to hand studies being featured. We regularly feature a variety of Norman Lindsay pencil drawings for sale in our online store so if you are looking to start, or expand, your original collection it is a great place to start.