Norman Lindsay Watercolour PaintingsWidely recognised as one of the hardest styles of painting to master, watercolours require a sharp and focused process, control and skill. An artist who hesitates during a watercolour will quickly lose control of the work and it will be lost. Lindsay was an accomplished watercolourist who was first introduced to this form of painting by Blamire Young.

Lindsay’s period of watercolours began following the WWI and would continue through to end of his life. He described his process and watercolour plan as firstly to trace out the subject on paper, then identify the colours, in their order of need, that would be needed. He would then apply a pale yellow wash on the paper, then add pink under-washes, purple and blue in specific areas.

Many of his early watercolours where theatrically themed and included the ballet. Unfortunately only a small number of watercolours are dated but approximate dates can be estimated from books and other publications that have documented and represented his works .