Norman Lindsay Pen DrawingsNorman Lindsay was a prolific artists and one of his favourite mediums throughout his life was pen and ink. As you delve more and more into the exciting world of Norman Lindsay you will encounter a large number of pen drawings and occasionally we will have one or more for sale at our online Norman Lindsay shop.

Many pen drawings are now in private hands, some in museums and a number which he bequeathed to the National Trust upon his death.

Many of Norman Lindsay's drawings were completed during his employment with The Bulletin. While it provided him with an income his creativity was stifled by the strict editorial guidelines of the publication.

Regardless of the fact that these works were cartoons his attention to the message and tonal detail was painstaking. He would complete his cartoons at his home in Springwood from editorial instructions. In his early years he corresponded with the newspaper by post and later by telephone. As the Bulletin began to fail on the back of it's historically strong and unpopular political views Lindsay’s association was terminated by the then editor in 1958.